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All Things Hainanese 海南邁 was launched in September of 2020, merely over a year after our grandmother passed on.

Our grandmother, Mdm Yeoh Min Lin had to sustain the family with her 5 young children when our grandfather passed away in the 1970s.

Mdm Yeoh started her business selling traditional kaya bread in the wet market of Toa Payoh Lorong 7. Back then selling Hainanese kueh – Yi Bua was only a secondary income for her.

It was only until in the early 2000s when her kueh started gaining some popularity, she moved her shop into the hawker centre right beside where the wet market is and that is when Hainan Cuisine & Snacks 海南小吃 that we know today was rebuild and became her core business.

Hainanese being only 8% of the Chinese population in Singapore, we hope that this platform could promote the tight knitted bond we have amongst one another within the community.

As the third generation of Hainan Cuisine & Snacks 海南小吃, All Things Hainanese 海南邁 aims to reach out to the younger generation of Hainanese and keep our tradition alive in honorary of our grandmother, Mdm Yeoh Min Lin.

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